What People Are Saying

One of the great strengths of Constance is her subtleties, what she feels is right comes across in great detail. There aren’t any moments or beats that get missed when she’s in the scene. Each and every moment from internal struggling to external pain, Constance connects the audience. She allowed the writing staff to explore more complicated emotional arcs with the character and put her into very dynamic action scenes.
— Kc Wayland, writer-director of We're Alive
In Lee/gendary, Constance’s fluid and powerful transformation from a grounded, commanding presence as the “yin goddess” to her portrayal of a vulnerable, unhinged Hong Kong B movie actress earned her a New York Innovative Theatre Award for Best Actress.
— Soomi Kim award-winning producer-creator of Lee/gendary
Now that’s really bringing yourself to the role. You really brought yourself. I wouldn’t change a thing. You got great comedic timing.
— Natalie Hart - LaPadura Hart Patterson Casting
You’re a strong actress. Almost every moment was right. It was grounded and organic. It must be your theater background.
— Ani Avetyan - UDK Casting
Girl power! I love how strong you are. Powerful. Good job with the medical talk. You’re obviously intelligent but it’s not always easy to handle medical or legal jargon and sound like you know what you are saying. But you did it. Really good.
— Morgan Redfield-Smith - Linda Lowy Casting
Really nice work! You make nice strong choices and overall your work is very polished.
— Lindsay Jameyson - Jennifer Cooper Casting