Constance Parng

I'm a writer-director, actress based in Los Angeles.

In my work as an artist, I'm interested in exploring the nature of courage, the contradictions of the human heart, and discovering the sublime in the ordinary.


I'm CJ on We're Alive (Nerdist) - the emotional but tough-as-nails young leader of the survivors. I'm always grateful and excited to be a part of this dynamic post-zombie apocalypse world so brilliantly created by the great Kc Wayland. A big thanks to the fans for getting us to 60 million downloads!

Some other recent work include Teachers on TV Land as KIMI - Ms. Snap's best friend, Marvel's Black Panther, CBS' Star Trek: Discovery, and NINJAGO: The Lego Move.

I got my start Off-Broadway in NYC at The Public Theater, Queens Theatre in the Park, The Barrow Group Theater, and the HERE Arts Center. My favorite on-stage roles include playing Bruce Lee's feminine alter-ego, and the vulnerable and dangerously unhinged Betty Ting-Pei. 

I'm honored to have been named the 2009 Winner of the New York Innovative Theater Best Actress Award from out of an adjudication pool of over 2,850 artists.


I'm currently developing a feature film under the guidance of LA Film Festival founder Thomas Ethan Harris. I write dramedy, and neo-science fiction that explore human relationships tested by the extraordinary. 

My plays have had staged productions at a number of NYC theatre festivals, and I was named a Presidential Scholar in the Arts by White House Commission for my writing. I'm also a National YoungArts Foundation Gold Award Winner in Writing, and my short fiction has been honored by Pulitzer Prize winner Annie Proulx.  


I'm a Hakka-Chinese-Taiwanese-American polyglot. Mandarin is my native first language. I've lived in Paris, so I also speak French. And I studied classical Arabic in college, so  انا اتكلم قليلا  


New York Innovative Theater Award - Best Supporting Actress (adjudicated out of 2,850 artists)

Presidential Scholar in the Arts -  by White House Commission - Writing

National YoungArts Foundation - Gold Award Winner - Writing

National YoungArts Foundation - Honorable Mention Winner - Theater

1st Place Short Fiction Awards - Columbia College, North Suburban Library Foundation (honored by Pulitzer Prize winner Annie Proulx), Harper College, The Longmeadow Journal.

French Embassy Grant Recipient - Festival D'Avignon - Theater