Constance Parng

Constance is an award-winning writer-actress based in Los Angeles.

Constance is on We're Alive (Nerdist - 100 million downloads) as CJ — a badass fearless young leader in the zombie-apocalypse. Other recent work include Teachers on TV Land as Kimi McKay - Ms. Snap's best friend, NBC’s The Blacklist, Marvel's Ant-Man and the Wasp, Black Panther, CBS' Star Trek: Discovery, and NINJAGO: The Lego Movie.

Constance has appeared on stage in NYC at The Public Theater, Queens Theatre in the Park, The Barrow Group Theater, and the HERE Arts Center where she played Bruce Lee’s emotionally unhinged girlfriend in the award-winning play LEE/GENDARY. For this role, Constance won the Best Actress Award from the New York Innovative Theater Foundation. She was selected by the jury out of an adjudication pool of over 2,850 artists.

Constance is a Hakka-Chinese-Taiwanese-American polyglot. She is fluent in Mandarin, speaks French from her days living in Paris, and studied classical Arabic in college. انا اتكلم قليلا  


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